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I am a 30-something Ph.D and I read a lot. GreatBooks&Coffee is my books blog. FREE book reviews and value-packed book summaries, what are you waiting for? CLICK IN!

I am a thirty-something Ph.D and GreatBooks&Coffee. is my literary blog. Without fuss.

I work in the field of international relations and I read a lot of politics, economics and society books. I was also an entrepreneur, so I also read a lot of business and self-development books too.

I noticed that my friends don’t have enough time to read, even less process and analyse what they read. Often, they don’t even know what to read next!

I started writing my own reviews of books as a means to have discussions with them whilst summing-up some arguments and analyses for them. And they asked for more! So, I continued.

I noticed something else: we all try to look (or feel) smarter, but this is no easy thing. Where do I start? How do I do? Who should I talk to? How long is that going to take? How expensive is that going to be?

But here is the thing: books are a great way to boost yourself because they give you a very easy (and cheap) access to the ideas and arguments of the best thought leaders.

There are two problems here: choice and time!

First, there are so many books on the market that finding the right one may become a daunting task.

Second, even if you found the book of your dreams, in reality most people never finish the (non-fiction) books they buy.

Hence, making the most of great books written by the best leaders in their field is not always as easy as it seems. The good news is, I got you covered.

Great Books & Coffee. offers FREE book reviews that will give you a taste of good reads worth your time and money in a variety of fields (ranging from business to politics, economics, society and culture more generally) AND $3,99 detailed summaries that give members access to more insights on those books under 30 minutes!

Whether you are looking for inspiration before buying your next book or are interested in going straight to the important questions and arguments to sharpen your thinking in under 30 minutes, those detailed book summaries are a resource. It’s up you now!