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Book Review & Summary:

‘Side Hustle – From Idea to Income in 27 Days’ – Chris Guillebeau.

‘Side Hustle’, by Chris Guillebeau, is a very practical and must-read book if you are looking for a reason (or a push) to build your side business. In fact, the book is pretty much like a workbook that will take you by the hand and help you build whatever you have in mind. You don’t really have anything in mind yet? Nevermind. Just keep reading this book review, you’ll see…

The Book Review, now.

Those of you who found this post through my book reviews blog will ask, hey, why did you write two reviews on Chris Guillebeau’s books in a raw? Well, you’re right, two reviews on the same author in a raw is a little bit unusual, but I have a good reason.

First things first, no, I am not receiving any compensation or incentive of any sort to write this post. I do things on my own.

Here is the thing.

My reading history with Chris Guillebeau started about ten days ago. I was waiting for a friend of mine who was busy talking on the phone. He handed me his eBook reader and let me look through his library where I eventually found Guillebeau’s book ‘The $100 Startup’.

It wasn’t the first time I bumped into this book, of course, I’d seen it several times on Amazon and noticed the good comments but I never acted upon it. So I gave it a try and liked it for reasons I have explained in my book review.

In short, I decided that the book deserved to be read on paper and I went buying the paperback version at my local bookshop.

But next to it, however, was the last of Chris Guillebeau’s books, ‘Side Hustle’. In a flashy yellow, with a clean and tidy cover and a nice touchy feeling, that book was definitely looking for me too.

So I took both! Yup, I’m totally like that…

I would really like to focus on ‘Side Hustle’ in this review, but this is no easy thing for one simple reason: ‘Side Hustle’ is a great follow-up on ‘The $100 Startup’.

Again, I’ll let you take a look at my book review of ‘The $100 Startup’ if you want some details, but I do need to give you a little bit of context to make sure you follow me.

In one sentence, ‘The $100 Startup’ is a book for those interested in small businesses, and Guillebeau has written it with the idea of explaining how easily small businesses can be created, without venture capital, without investors, without a long and impossible business plan.

‘Side Hustle’ is also a book on small-size business creation and micro-entrepreneurship, but the approach is different. In this yellow book, the point is not to explain that successful businesses can be created with little means. The point is to make you realise that you could actually turn that passion of yours into a side activity capable of generating some additional income.

This does not mean that you need to read ‘The $100 Startup’ before reading ‘Side Hustle’. In fact, both books are very independent from each other.

This means, however, that if you were interested in the former, chances are that you will be interested in the latter, if only because ‘Side Hustle’ is what I would call a take-me-by-the-hand-and-show-me type of book.

Here, indeed, Guillebeau takes the reader’s hand and guides him throughout the process of creating a side business. He explains the difference between a hobby (which is about having some fun) and a side hustle (which is about making some cash) but he insists that a hobby may become a side activity under certain conditions.

Crucially, he also provides a working plan for building that project. In reality, the book is nothing more than a very elaborate (but very accessible) workbook. It gives the reader food for thought on a variety of issues, starting with your ideas, and provides tips, templates and guidelines on everything you need to start creating. For instance, how to find ideas, how to identify your target consumer, how to create an offer or how to test, test and test again.

I am mentioning four elements of answer here, but as the book’s title suggests, there are enough ideas and concepts to work on in “Side Hustle” to keep you busy for 27 days, one task at a time, one day at a time.

To sum up? Guillebeau’s ‘Side Hustle’ is a book that will make you wonder why you haven’t tried to start a side activity earlier.


That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed this very short review, hopefully, it’s given you good reasons to get the book! The next step is very simple:

Get 'Side Hustle' by Chris Guillebeau from Amazon.com

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