How many books do you read every year? How many of those books do you actually finish? Do you read strategically? Do you read at all?

Books have a lot to teach you, but your time is precious so you want to make sure everything you read will have an impact and teach you things that matter!

GreatBooks&Coffee helps busy people make the most of those books they should know about. If a book is listed here, you need to know about it! It’s that simple really…






GreatBooks&Coffee. The book reviews blog. What else?

I am a thirty-something Ph.D. and I read a lot. GreatBooks&Coffee is my books blog! Because nowadays most people never finish the books they buy, I am sharing my reading experiences to help you pick the right oooks you will want to read up to the last page!

Don’t just buy random books! Let me help you pick the right books!


Posted by:Antoine Martin (PhD)

Hey there, I’m Antoine, I’m a 30-something PhD and I read a lot. Politics, society, technology, business, self-development, you name it! This is my food-for-thought blog, and I bet I’ll Make You Think SMART, one book at a time! Read smart, think smart!