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Book Review: Pop Culture Now! Geek-Art Anthology’ – Thomas Olivri.

Those of you interested in beautiful coffee table art books – and more precisely pop art design books – will totally love this illustrated album book. In fact, this is one of those coffee table books that we all ought to have. As the title says, the book is full of pop illustrations which will talk to all generations.

Book review

Pop Culture Now! Geek-Art Anthology is a large 400-page illustrated book. Whilst it contains very little text, the book is a gold mine which compiles the work of some of the best pop artists on the international scene.

The book introduces …

… the very idea of pop art to the masses. Of course, the readers already aware of what pop art is will find everything they want in Pop Culture Now! Geek-Art Anthology, but the idea here also seems to be about explaining this illustrated form of culture to those of us who never heard about it.

The style …

… is simple and efficient. As just mentioned Pop Culture Now! Geek-Art Anthology is not about text, it is about showing the work of talented pop artists. Hence, the book is structured in a clear and extremely efficient way, bringing together the minimum information that the reader needs on each artist, and a smart and inspiring selection of illustration that will make everyone smile.

The book provides many opportunities to improve our general culture …

Arts are always complex to apprehend, if only because we rarely have the knowledge and background to understand and appreciate what we see. In the case of pop art, however, the art is all about graphic design, drawings, superheroes and laser sabers, which means that whatever our age and background we are all able to appreciate the book.

Now, let’s give you some pictures!



Pop Culture Now! Geek-Art Anthology is once again one of the design books you ought to possess. If you had to have one on your shelves, pick that one without hesitating.

This book is a great find, an absolute page turner that will get you some serious general culture in the field of arts. And the best part it is that it does not even require any reading at all! You definitely don’t need to be an art connoisseur, all it takes to enjoy the Pop Culture Now! Geek-Art Anthology is a lot of curiosity and a little bit of passion for movies like Star Trek, games like Super Mario or comics of all sorts. Trust me on this one, success guaranteed.


About the author

Thomas Olivri is clearly a leader in the field of pop-culture and “geek arts”. The reason for this is that he is a true passionate. I had a chat with Thomas a couple of years ago when the book came out. I was working on some design-related projects at the time and found his approach very interesting because he had the desire to make art approachable.

Like me, he had spent his childhood reading and watching fantastic stories or playing the Gameboy. He was a fan of the Lord of the Rings, had played Warhammers and had collected Magic cards… In sum, he was part of the ‘Super Mario’ generation and had even created the Geek-Art.net blog some years later (2009, if I recall correctly).

If you are interested in the guy, there are several interviews online, and I strongly suggest that you give a look at his blog. It is in French, but the content really does not require you to speak any…



To sum up this book review, Pop Culture Now! is an absolute must-have. If you had to buy one (and only one) book on pop arts and graphic designs, this should be the one.


In sum?

  • Stimulating?
  • Easy to read?
  • Lots of examples?
  • Reading time?
  • Must-read book?

In my opinion...

… a fantastic coffee table book and an eye-catching page-turner!

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