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Hey there! So you’ve probably had a look around already, but this page regroups my must-read books and book suggestions. From business, creativity and leadership to politics, economics, society and technology, the books listed there are packed with value and will give you everything you need to feed your thoughts. These are the books you must read, period! So, please feel free to browse, I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your needs!

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Technology: Klaus Schwab sees the fourth industrial revolution. Do you?

Technology is a very trendy topic these days, but again most people just have no clue and just go for chit-chat. Now, The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum Founder ) will give you very serious food for thought on the topic. Long stuff short, Schwab sees a real fourth industrial revolution out there, and he explains what is about to happen. The tone is not alarmist, it is forward thinking and constructive because Schwab is a thought-leader who wants to educate. Nice, right? If you want to read smart and think smart, that book has to be on your must-read list!