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I’m a 30-something Ph.D. and I’m convinced that books are the easiest way to getting a little bit smarter every day. Have a look at my book reviews, reading suggestions and food for thought, I bet they’ll make you think smart, one book at a time! This page regroups the latest book reviews & reading suggestions published on I’ll Make You Think SMART. Just scroll down! I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your needs! So, what are you waiting for? Read-on!

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Business & Self-Development Book Reviews

Business and self-development books are an easy way to think different. Leadership? Creativity? I have you covered!

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Trendy & Technology Book Reviews

Technology is a big thing nowadays. Robots, fourth revolution, blockchain… think outside the box!

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Society, Politics, Economics Book Reviews

Books can also teach you plenty about society trends, politics and Economics! Globalization, capitalism, China… give them a try!

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All books have things to teach us but there are so many of them out there. Where should you begin? Here’s your chance! Long live bacon!

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All my book reviews and food for thought, one book at a time! Your turn now! 

China is hot stuff, so Rudolph & Szonyi ask the China Questions!

Book suggestion & review – The China Questions | What if asking the correct China questions made you smarter? China is hot stuff these days. People talk about it a lot but sadly China-bashing is often the focus. In reality, there’s much more to say. The China Questions (edited by Jennifer Rudolph and Michael Szonyi) is one must-read book if you want to learn what China is about. Totally worth adding to my society and politics books suggestion list…

Leadership & Human Skills: Dale Carnegie’s tips on How to Win Friends and Influence People

Leadership is a big thing we all want to explore, both for self-development or business reasons. But where should we start? Here is a book suggestion: in How to Win Friends and Influence People, leadership guru Dale Carnegie explains the basics of human intelligence and human skills. It's very simple! These are the skills you need to master if you plan on moving forward and doing better with what you have! In short? A must-read business and self-development book, packed with value. What are you waiting for? Read my book review of Dale Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People ...

Food for thought: Interesting things David Runciman says on Politics

Politics and society books | Politics is a nasty topic. Controversial, dirty, boring, you name it. But couldn't you use some food for thought on why politics are so complex? In his book 'Politics' David Runciman does just that. The book explores what politics are about and overall Runciman explains why getting results is so complex. This book is worth your time if you want to try and think smarter! Interested by my book suggestion? Read my book review of Politics by David Runciman ...

Why Obama loved Harari’s book ‘Sapiens, a Brief History of Mankind’

Let me be blunt: Sapiens is one of those books you must absolutely read, and it's not like you have a choice. I'm not just making a suggestion here, I'm telling you. Period! Sapiens, a Brief History of Mankind by Yuval Noah Harari is one of those books everybody has been talking about lately, and there's a good reason for that. Sapiens talks about humanity and progress. The book explains what made us, how we shifted from apes to a social construct-dependant and technology-able species. Harari was commonly described as President Obama's favourite essayist and my book review is going to tell you why...

What makes Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy for Joseph Schumpeter

Wondering why there is so much fuss about capitalism at the moment? Time to get back to the basics. Don't take risks, though. Go for a big name. Today, my economics and society book suggestion is 'Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy' by Joseph Schumpeter. First, Schumpeter is one of those names everyone's heard of (without being able to say a thing about the guy). So, time to dig in and think smart. Second, 'Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy' is a challenging book which contains key ideas you should know about. Does creative destruction ring a bell? You have no excuse... Read my book review!

Creativity lessons from Pixar: Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

Looking for insights and tips on business and creativity development? Here is a book suggestion: Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull (with Amy Wallace). Creativity, Inc. uses the story of Pixar as a practical case study. The book is very practical, in other words, and it explains to what extent creativity can become part of a company's DNA. Creativity, Inc. is a little technical at times, but it is nonetheless an interesting and challenging read totally worth your time if the topic is of interest to you for one reason or another. Want to find out more? Read my book review of Creativity, Inc. now!

Is there a Blockchain Revolution? Don & Alex Tapscott say there is one!

I'm sure you've heard of the blockchain. But can you tell what the thing is about? Probably not, and that's normal. So, here is a book suggestion: Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott. The thing is, you can't really afford to miss that book. The Blockchain is one of those trendy topics at the moment. People say it'll be a revolution, that our lives are going to change... Still, only a few actually know about it. So, is there a Blockchain Revolution out there? Don & Alex Tapscott think so and they do a great job explaining why. Curious? Read my book review!

Here’s what Alec Ross thinks The Industries of The Future could be.

What could the industries of the future be like? Is the world as we know it over? Is technology about to change everything? If you are interested in these questions, 'The Industries of the Future' by Alec Ross is a must-read book. Really! Let's face it, people keep talking about technologies. Robots are replacing humans, the blockchain this, cyber-security that... Don't just let people let you what to think! Read smart, think smarter, and make up your own mind! The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross is a fascinating and eye-opening book. Read my book review and find out why!

How to innovate: Guy Kawasaki’s Rules for Revolutionaries

Here is another interesting book on creativity and business leadership. If you are in business, chances are that you keep asking yourself how to beat the competition, right? Well, as usual, here is a book suggestion: Rules for Revolutionaries by Guy Kawasaki. So what's special about that book? In Rules for Revolutionaries, Kawasaki gives you the basics of product-building. Because there are basic rules! Where do you get your ideas? when do you launch a product? How do you test your ideas? How do you keep improving?Kawasaki's Rules for Revolutionaries are precisely about that. Read my book review and see for yourself! Think SMART!

Leadership & Creativity: Here’s how Adam Grant’s Originals Move the World

There are tons of books out there on leadership and creativity, but Originals by Adam Grant is definitely in top position on my book suggestions list. In 'Originals, How Non-Conformists Move the World', Grant provides tons of food for thought on how to be better at creativity and leadership... differently. Are you interested in finding ways to think smart and outside the box? Are you thinking about changing the rules? Trying to write your own rules, maybe? Well, This book is a book you must read, it's as simple as that. Read smart, check my book review of Originals to find out more!

Building a business? Read Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle advice!

Many people dream of building their own business or side hustle, but where to start? Chris Guillebeau's Side Hustle advice can help! 'Side Hustle, From Idea to income in 27 Days' is a book about starting a business of your own, from a passion, simply. The book draws on the success of Guillebeau's book The $100 Startup, really. But this one is more like an action plan. Very relevant (and fun to read) if you are into project-building, business books, and self-development books! Don't miss my book review!

Business creation: Why raise millions? Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup works!

Here's the thing. Despite what everybody says, building a startup isn't just about raising funds. Building a startup is about asking the right questions and getting stuff done. And 'The $100 Startup' by Chris Guillebeau can help you do that. The $100 Startup is an interesting and easy-to-read book for those interested in building a business with very little. What you read in there not only makes sense, it is inspiring, and it will give you food for thought on how you could build-up something differently. Want to find out more? Read my book review of The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau!