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I’m a 30-something Ph.D. and I’m convinced that books are the easiest way to getting a little bit smarter every day. Have a look at my book reviews, reading suggestions and food for thought, I bet they’ll make you think smart, one book at a time! This page regroups the latest book reviews & reading suggestions published on I’ll Make You Think SMART. Just scroll down! I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your needs! So, what are you waiting for? Read-on!

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Business & Self-Development Book Reviews

Business and self-development books are an easy way to think different. Leadership? Creativity? I have you covered!

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Technology is a big thing nowadays. Robots, fourth revolution, blockchain… think outside the box!

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Books can also teach you plenty about society trends, politics and Economics! Globalization, capitalism, China… give them a try!

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All books have things to teach us but there are so many of them out there. Where should you begin? Here’s your chance! Long live bacon!

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Startups: How to Crack the Funding Code by Judy Robinett

What if there was a way to crack the funding out there? Let's face it! Startup funding is a difficult topic and, as a general rule, the questions faced by Founders in need for cash are numerous. Who do you need to talk to? What can you expect from investors and what should you seek to obtain from them? How do you need to talk to them? What do they need to hear, actually? Oh, but do you need a business plan? How do you prepare a compelling pitch? In 'Crack the Funding Code', Judy Robinett ...

Educated, a Memoir: when Tara Westover shakes your world

Educated, by Tara Westover, was unquestionably one of my literary shocks this year. This book is not only well written and inspiring, but it is also deep, eye-opening and brutally mind-shaking. While there are tons of excuses out there not to change anything, Educated is a testimony that everyone should read. As long as they're ready to be shaken, provoked, brutalized and put outside of their comfort zone, that is. Beware, however. You won't come out unscathed of this book.

Hedge by Nicolas Colin: A Meaningful Book on Entrepreneurship

Hedge, A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age by Nicolas Colin: what if our society models and approach to innovation and entrepreneurship were outdated? While at some point being a Tech entrepreneur was a trendy thing, nowadays our relationship to tech and innovative companies has shifted. Complexity, perplexity, the words aren't difficult to find. The question is, how do we move forward? This book is interesting, well written and very well research. And you should read it if you are wondering how entrepreneurship is about to turn. Just saying!

EarthMasters, Clive Hamilton’s scary book on Geoengineering

Climate change is a big topic these days, but what do we really know about the topic? Earth Masters, The Dawn of the Age of Climate Change is one of those books which contribute to the debate by explaining some of the side aspects very few people talk about. In short? The topic here isn't climate change per se, but rather the idea that geoengineering - or the ability to use technology to treat the symptoms - is seen as a potential solution. Except that the author is very skeptic about the idea and provides an analysis of the situation. This book is interesting, well …

Simon Sinek on why you should Start With Why.

This month, I've decided to make you think smart with a book on entrepreneurship and, more generally, innovation. This book is Start With Why, by Simon Sinek. A bestselling piece which you probably heard about many times. But have you read it? The book elaborates on what should be the core of a strategy. Whether you try to sell a book, a product, a service, or a dream, the WHY is the basis, the roots, the engine. Sinek explains this theory and provides some interesting and easily actionable takes. Does that pick your curiosity? Well, that page was written for you. Just keep reading!

Denise Brosseau asks: are you Ready to Be a Thought Leader? – Book Review

Ready to be a Thought Leader? How to Increase Your Influence, Impact and Success, by Denise Brosseau is one of those books I've put to the top of my must-read list, without the slightest doubt. The book isn't on Amazon's hot list, and I haven't heard many people talk about it, yet I think that it is a powerful tool if you are interested in building up your own leadership. Denise Brosseau provides various concepts and very actionable tools here, which will help you get somewhere. At the end of the day, whilst leadership is a big topic, only a few people have a genuine opportunity …

You should read Radicals, Outsiders Changing the World by Jamie Bartlett.

Outsiders Changing the World by Jamie Bartlett: what if a little bit of radical thinking made you think smarter? Considering radicals as originals and marginals is easy, we all do it. But what if their way of thinking actually had an impact? What if their methods had things in common? Things we can learn from to understand whether, perhaps, their actions go somewhere? Radicals is an easy-to-read book which documents how extreme ideas and ways of action proliferate. There's a lot of food for thought in there, and my take is that you won't think about radicalism again... Just saying!

Charisma books: Dale Carnegie on Self-Confidence and Public Speaking

Today, I am writing about Dale Carnegie's book How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking! Public speaking is an interesting topic, especially when it comes to building up your charisma, your professional profile, or if you are considering promoting something that matters to you. But here is the thing: public speaking is difficult. How do you that? Where do you start? What are the expectations? What are the common mistakes you should be avoiding? In this book, Carnegie provides tons of actionable topics on the issue of public speaking. He takes us by the hand and shares his experience. Great read!

The Future of Power: Joseph Nye on Soft Power, Hard Power and Smart Power.

The Future of Power by Joseph Nye is one of those books that have the potential to make you think about the world you live in. In this case, and as the title suggests, the main topic is power, which the author analyses and explains in great length, but in a practical way. Soft power, hard power, smart power, military and economic power, Nye takes the reader by the hand and provides food for thought on what the heck is happening around us. If you are looking for an interesting and challenging read, this book will be worth your time!

Yep! Yuval Noah Harari says humanity is doomed! (My Homo Deus review).

I thought writing a quick Homo Deus Review would make sense considering that I recently published my thoughts on Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari's previous book. The good news is, like the previous one, this book is a page-turner. It reads like a story, but it gives you a lot of food for thought about mankind. The question is not to figure out where we come from, it is to guesstimate where we are going, technology helping (or not). If you are interested in tech & innovation discussions, this book is among the ones you need to read, that's for sure.

My Zero to One summary: Smart takes on building Startups by Peter Thiel

The bottom line of my Zero to One Summary? Easy. This book is one of the reference books out there for those interested in business development. Or perhaps should I say startup development, as a matter of fact. Peter Thiel (who is one of the Paypal founders) elaborates on how startups work and on the kind of mindset you need to become a successful startup founder. Thiel has a tone and goes straight to the point, which makes him challenge some of the ideas you tend to see all the time in the mainstream way of thinking. In short? A challenging book, totally worth your time …

Keller & Papasan say success depends on your ONE THING

What if thinking about (and finding out) what really drives you made a big difference in your life? Productivity and success are big things these days. People want to do better and more because success and productivity are often associated with quantity. In The One Thing, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan say that success depends on the one thing that drives you, and they help you put your finger on it. This book has helped me more than I thought it would. The argumentation is fairly repetitive (as this is often the case with self-development books) but it has given me great food for thought. …