I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ll Make You Think Smart is free. I don’t run this books blog for profit but because I love reading and writing. Still, all these things take time and require money so the support of my readers is important. If you find my reading suggestions interesting and valuable to you, now is your chance to become a supporter, with either a one-time donation or a recurring monthly one! An expresso, a book, go on and contribute!

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What’s in it for you, then?

I’ll Make You Think Smart is all about sharing books that will you give some interesting food for thought. My articles are lengthy and I’m unapologetic about it because my purpose is to get into the details.

My point isn’t to summarize books so you don’t have to read them, it is to give you a comprehensive overview of books I found interesting and to insist on the big ideas developed by their authors, so you can decide to get your own copy of the books and explore.

Having said that, these are the most common questions people ask before subscribing!

What is your newsletter about?

My members receive one email at the beginning of each month. This email lets them know about my monthly reading suggestion(s), it is then up to them to read the content on the website.

I don’t send spam, and I don’t use my emails to try and sell you stuff.

Can I sign-up to your newsletter free?

Yes. I’ll send you an email once a month when my monthly reading suggestion goes live.

What are the donations for?

My content is free and available to all, but reading, writing and maintaining a blog is time and money consuming. Your donation will help me run the whole thing, buy books, coffee, hosting, servers and all that. Thank you!

How is billing working?

Please follow the link and select the donation of your choice. Your pledge can be a one-time thing but if you chose to support me in the long-term will be renewed automatically every month or every year, depending on the plan you chose

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course! I appreciate your support but you are the boss… The best way to cancel your membership is to log-in on your account and use your dashboard to manage your parameters.

If you are on a monthly plan: your membership is renewed on the 1st of the month and my newsletter also arrives on the 1st, so you will basically cancel your membership starting next month but I won’t issue refunds retroactively.

If you are on a yearly plan: you can similarly cancel your membership so it doesn’t renew next year, but you will still be a member until then.

The cancellation process takes between 3 and 5 days, so please act accordingly.

Do you reply to emails?

Of course, feel free to get in touch with the contact form, I’ll be very happy to discuss anything related to books! Please note that I have a zero tolerance policy for rude and improper comments, however.

If you are an author or a book marketer, please note that I chose the books I read and write about. I am happy to read your book as long as you send me a paper copy (sorry, I don’t do pdf documents). And sending me emails every other week to know where I’m at won’t speed up the process… thank you for your understanding.