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EarthMasters, Clive Hamilton’s scary book on Geoengineering

Climate change is a big topic these days, but what do we really know about the topic? Earth Masters, The Dawn of the Age of Climate Change is one of those books which contribute to the debate by explaining some of the side aspects very few people talk about. In short? The topic here isn't climate change per se, but rather the idea that geoengineering - or the ability to use technology to treat the symptoms - is seen as a potential solution. Except that the author is very skeptic about the idea and provides an analysis of the situation. This book is interesting, well …

You should read Radicals, Outsiders Changing the World by Jamie Bartlett.

Outsiders Changing the World by Jamie Bartlett: what if a little bit of radical thinking made you think smarter? Considering radicals as originals and marginals is easy, we all do it. But what if their way of thinking actually had an impact? What if their methods had things in common? Things we can learn from to understand whether, perhaps, their actions go somewhere? Radicals is an easy-to-read book which documents how extreme ideas and ways of action proliferate. There's a lot of food for thought in there, and my take is that you won't think about radicalism again... Just saying!

The Future of Power: Joseph Nye on Soft Power, Hard Power and Smart Power.

The Future of Power by Joseph Nye is one of those books that have the potential to make you think about the world you live in. In this case, and as the title suggests, the main topic is power, which the author analyses and explains in great length, but in a practical way. Soft power, hard power, smart power, military and economic power, Nye takes the reader by the hand and provides food for thought on what the heck is happening around us. If you are looking for an interesting and challenging read, this book will be worth your time!

Yep! Yuval Noah Harari says humanity is doomed! (My Homo Deus review).

I thought writing a quick Homo Deus Review would make sense considering that I recently published my thoughts on Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari's previous book. The good news is, like the previous one, this book is a page-turner. It reads like a story, but it gives you a lot of food for thought about mankind. The question is not to figure out where we come from, it is to guesstimate where we are going, technology helping (or not). If you are interested in tech & innovation discussions, this book is among the ones you need to read, that's for sure.

Why Obama loved Harari’s book ‘Sapiens, a Brief History of Mankind’

Let me be blunt: Sapiens is one of those books you must absolutely read, and it's not like you have a choice. I'm not just making a suggestion here, I'm telling you. Period! Sapiens, a Brief History of Mankind by Yuval Noah Harari is one of those books everybody has been talking about lately, and there's a good reason for that. Sapiens talks about humanity and progress. The book explains what made us, how we shifted from apes to a social construct-dependant and technology-able species. Harari was commonly described as President Obama's favourite essayist and my book review is going to tell you why...

Is there a Blockchain Revolution? Don & Alex Tapscott say there is one!

I'm sure you've heard of the blockchain. But can you tell what the thing is about? Probably not, and that's normal. So, here is a book suggestion: Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott. The thing is, you can't really afford to miss that book. The Blockchain is one of those trendy topics at the moment. People say it'll be a revolution, that our lives are going to change... Still, only a few actually know about it. So, is there a Blockchain Revolution out there? Don & Alex Tapscott think so and they do a great job explaining why. Curious? Read my book review!

Here’s what Alec Ross thinks The Industries of The Future could be.

What could the industries of the future be like? Is the world as we know it over? Is technology about to change everything? If you are interested in these questions, 'The Industries of the Future' by Alec Ross is a must-read book. Really! Let's face it, people keep talking about technologies. Robots are replacing humans, the blockchain this, cyber-security that... Don't just let people let you what to think! Read smart, think smarter, and make up your own mind! The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross is a fascinating and eye-opening book. Read my book review and find out why!

When William Mougayar explains the business blockchain

The Blockchain is a big thing nowadays, but what is all the fuss about? What is the blockchain? How is it working? What will be the impact on business? ‘The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology’ by William Mougayar explains just that. The book clarifies what the technology means but in contrast with other books such as Blockchain Revolution (also reviewed on I’ll Make You Think Smart), it is a rather technical read. Mougayar’s Business Blockchain book goes into the details! A clear book suggestion if you want to understand what the blockchain is about. Read my book review!

Technology: Klaus Schwab sees the fourth industrial revolution. Do you?

Technology is a very trendy topic these days, but again most people just have no clue and just go for chit-chat. Now, The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum Founder ) will give you very serious food for thought on the topic. Long stuff short, Schwab sees a real fourth industrial revolution out there, and he explains what is about to happen. The tone is not alarmist, it is forward thinking and constructive because Schwab is a thought-leader who wants to educate. Nice, right? If you want to read smart and think smart, that book has to be on your must-read list!

Tech: When Martin Ford warns against the rise of the robots

Technology book suggestion: ‘The Rise of the Robots’ by Martin Ford | I like reading books on technology, especially when they explain what technology is about to change for us. In contrast with more positive books (think Schwab or Ross here), The Rise of the Robots explores the robotization and automation trends. There, Martin ford warns against what comes along with today and tomorrow’s innovation and technological progress. And the picture he draws is quite scary. Technology is a big thing, don't let people tell you what you think! Think smart, read smart! Find out more about the book in my book review!