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The Future of Power: Joseph Nye on Soft Power, Hard Power and Smart Power.

The Future of Power by Joseph Nye is one of those books that have the potential to make you think about the world you live in. In this case, and as the title suggests, the main topic is power, which the author analyses and explains in great length, but in a practical way. Soft power, hard power, smart power, military and economic power, Nye takes the reader by the hand and provides food for thought on what the heck is happening around us. If you are looking for an interesting and challenging read, this book will be worth your time!

China is hot stuff, so Rudolph & Szonyi ask the China Questions!

Book suggestion & review – The China Questions | What if asking the correct China questions made you smarter? China is hot stuff these days. People talk about it a lot but sadly China-bashing is often the focus. In reality, there’s much more to say. The China Questions (edited by Jennifer Rudolph and Michael Szonyi) is one must-read book if you want to learn what China is about. Totally worth adding to my society and politics books suggestion list…

World politics: Noam Chomsky has one question: Who Rules the World?

Here is a book suggestion if you are into contemporary and current global politics, with an emphasis on United States foreign policy: 'Who Rules the World?' by Noam Chomsky. I didn't enjoy reading the book at all, to be honest. Still, my goal isn't to make you read books because I like them but because they bring something to the debate, so here we go. Who rules the world is polemical, but the book has the merit to show one side of the discussions we don't hear about that much: the extremes. Read my book review to find out more.