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Innovation is a big topic nowadays and books on innovation have a lot of success. That’s not really surprising, though, considering how fast new technologies develop… As always, the question is to figure out which books you should read, so here comes my little selection of those books on innovation you need to read (which I’ll update regularly).

Alternatively, don’t miss my reading notes on those books that discuss the development of the Blockchain, or technological revolutions and the future, they are absolutely fascinating! Just saying…

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When William Mougayar explains the business blockchain

The Blockchain is a big thing nowadays, but what is all the fuss about? What is the blockchain? How is it working? What will be the impact on business? ‘The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology’ by William Mougayar explains just that. The book clarifies what the technology means but in contrast with other books such as Blockchain Revolution (also reviewed on I’ll Make You Think Smart), it is a rather technical read. Mougayar’s Business Blockchain book goes into the details! A clear book suggestion if you want to understand what the blockchain is about. Read my book review!

Technology: Klaus Schwab sees the fourth industrial revolution. Do you?

Technology is a very trendy topic these days, but again most people just have no clue and just go for chit-chat. Now, The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum Founder ) will give you very serious food for thought on the topic. Long stuff short, Schwab sees a real fourth industrial revolution out there, and he explains what is about to happen. The tone is not alarmist, it is forward thinking and constructive because Schwab is a thought-leader who wants to educate. Nice, right? If you want to read smart and think smart, that book has to be on your must-read list!

Tech: When Martin Ford warns against the rise of the robots

Technology book suggestion: ‘The Rise of the Robots’ by Martin Ford | I like reading books on technology, especially when they explain what technology is about to change for us. In contrast with more positive books (think Schwab or Ross here), The Rise of the Robots explores the robotization and automation trends. There, Martin ford warns against what comes along with today and tomorrow’s innovation and technological progress. And the picture he draws is quite scary. Technology is a big thing, don't let people tell you what you think! Think smart, read smart! Find out more about the book in my book review!

Economics: Arnold Kling explains Specialization and Trade

Trade is one sensitive topic today, between strategical and polemical. So, what is global trade about? How do things work out there? What are the basic principles? In his book 'Specialization and Trade’, Arnold Kling gives us the basics. Kling starts from the theories of Adam Smith and explains what matters. 'Specialization and Trade' is a little complex but it is a very insightful book. Very relevant to those interested in learning more about economic theories and the way they do – or do not – apply in today’s world. Read smart, think smart! Read my book review of Arnold Kling's 'Specialization and Trade'!